Travelling in wine

Bicycling through the vineyards or trekking on foot from winery to winery, discoveries in cellars and kitchens, conversations with vintners and comrades - all can be part of the adventure. You will experience more with a competent guide: The wine journalist opens your eyes for wine experiences that the group encounters along the way - both through anecdote and expert knowledge. Steffen Maus plans conscientiously while having great respect for the wishes of his fellow travellers. Wine enthusiasts are thus able to experience German or Italian wine regions in a fully new and more comprehensive light, in a tempo and rhythm tailored to the group.

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References (till 2011)

  • Bicycle tour through the Pfalz for a group of dental surgeons

The joy of wine and exercise blossoms on the wine road by bicycle! No strictly scheduled appointments that could put pressure on participants but instead, pure Pfalz at a relaxing pace. Steffen Maus motivates the group daily with his sensitivity to the spontaneous enjoyment of each day in wine country.

  • Trip to the Soave region for selected merchants

Steffen Maus shares insider information about a region that has a lot more to offer than its old-fashioned image. Participants were surprised with a marathon of visits to diverse producers and enthused by Steffen Maus' passion.

  • Wine trip around the volcanic Mount Etna in Sicily for a group of tax advisors

Variety is the spice of life! Swim in the ocean, climb 3,200 metres high to a steamy, sulphur vapour, and enjoy lively conversations over a relaxing glass of wine. The wine scene on Mount Etna is thriving after years of indolence. Steffen Maus informs participants about the background of this region in a relaxed and approachable style.

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Wine to follow

Etna Rosso - wines from vulcanic soils from the northern part of the vulcano Etna between the towns of Randazzo and Linguaglossa at 600 to 1000 meters above sea level. It's a fascinating part of Italian viticulture in an area that had more than 50000 acres of vineyards at the end of the 19th century. Today, there are less than 8000 acres left of the particular grape variety Nerello Mascalese. Watch out for vineyards like I Vigneri, Pasciopiscaro, Graci, Tenuta di Fessina oder Girolamo Russo! The vintage 2008 is the vintage of the decade and worth getting your hands on even for prices at Brunello and Barolo level!

Steffen Maus parla del Suo libro Italiens Weinwelten

Prowein March 2011

For those who understand Italian and like to know more about Aglianico del Vulture

Intervista Maus al Prowein 2010


You tube - Have fun drinking wine in moderation! Thought I might share this with you.

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