Italy and less Germany and South Africa

Steffen Maus has been sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for wine in seminars for professionals and aficionados ever since 2003. He discusses, experiences and plays - wine knowledge comes alive and becomes tangible for seminar participants. With him, you feel the wine rather than think it. 

His book and magazine journalism in the wine field since 1998 has established him as a name in the industry (see Literature). He spends a third of the working year travelling in "his" wine countries: Italy, Germany, Australia and South Africa. Talking to vintners makes it possible for him to bring new trends and old traditions into seminars, magazine articles and online reviews.

Maus has a high reputation in the wine business for being an excellent taster and independent author. He started his wine career after finishing a PhD in chemistry at the MPI in Polymer Research in 1997, partially spent in London working for the marketing agency of the German Wine Institute. Two years in Tuscany followed where he worked with Andreas März of Merum for a year before starting extensive work for the publisher Meininger.  His reference book on Italian wine "Italiens Weinwelten" has been published in March 2011, Februar 2013 and August 2017, in German only.

What others say about Steffen Maus:

"Steffen Maus is a respected authority on wines from Italy, Germany, and now, also South Africa."
Reinhard Riediger, Weinvision wholesaler and fine wine specialist in Kassel:

"Due to his in-depth research for journalistic work, he knows the German wine market and trade structures like the back of his hand."
Dr. Hermann Pilz, Chief Editor of Weinwirtschaft,

"Steffen Maus is no pencil pusher. He's out there exploring wine country for several months each year."
Dr. Jens Priewe, Wine Book Author in Munich

"He shares his profound knowledge in seminars and commentated wine tastings in a very entertaining way - and that in Italian, English, and German."
Luzia Schrampf, Journalist in Vienna,

"I respect him as a journalist and a wine taster with profound insight."
Karl-Josef Krötz, Managing Director of the Bremer Ratskeller,

Wine to follow

Etna Rosso - wines from vulcanic soils from the northern part of the vulcano Etna between the towns of Randazzo and Linguaglossa at 600 to 1000 meters above sea level. It's a fascinating part of Italian viticulture in an area that had more than 50000 acres of vineyards at the end of the 19th century. Today, there are less than 8000 acres left of the particular grape variety Nerello Mascalese. Watch out for vineyards like I Vigneri, Pasciopiscaro, Graci, Tenuta di Fessina oder Girolamo Russo! The vintage 2008 is the vintage of the decade and worth getting your hands on even for prices at Brunello and Barolo level!

Steffen Maus parla del Suo libro Italiens Weinwelten

Prowein March 2011

For those who understand Italian and like to know more about Aglianico del Vulture

Intervista Maus al Prowein 2010


You tube - Have fun drinking wine in moderation! Thought I might share this with you.

Italian man who went to Malta

wine tasting differently